For more than 40 years AGAPE has contributed to the development of microenterprises through credit, advice and training in the social, personal and economic areas, offered through suitable and highly trained personnel. Our work aimed especially at those most in need, has allowed us to get to know their needs closely, which has led us to present our Training services in Financial Literacy, Values, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Business Skills. The methodology used in the trainings presented is participatory, thus achieving an interaction between the attendees and the facilitator. The activities to be developed during the trainings are both individual and group in order to exchange experiences with the participants.

All of the above has the purpose that the participants themselves are the ones who build new knowledge taking into account their previous knowledge, so that the topics are enriched with their contributions, being guided by the facilitator.

Our objective is to introduce participants to basic financial concepts, such as clients and entrepreneurs and empower them in their duties and rights as users and strengthening their role as an entrepreneur.


Eduquality is the global educational quality program of EduFinance – Opportunity International. The schools not only receive credit from an allied financial institution, but through education specialists they receive pedagogical, administrative and financial advice for 2 years.

According to the World Bank (2014) after Honduras, Colombia is the most unequal country in the region and this inequality is also reflected in the educational system. Although the results of the DANE in 2017 showed a decrease in multidimensional poverty, the gaps in education continue to increase. The difference between the official and private schools is equivalent to 39 points. (Which represents more than a year of schooling). According to the Ministry of Education (2016) 18 of the 20 municipalities most affected by the armed conflict are rural and 40% of the children who do not attend school in the country are in areas affected by said conflict.

Nova 2 Knitting Ideas (PDF)

Despite multiple efforts to improve the Synthetic Index of Educational Quality, there is still a long way to go.

For more than 40 years AGAPE has worked supporting parents, mainly mothers, to send their children to school. This work was carried out directly until 2010 through credits for productive activities that would allow them to increase their income and thus support their children to go to college or university. Many initiatives and projects have also been carried out such as: Training programs on family issues that include the importance of education for children, school scholarships, improvement of physical infrastructures of educational institutions and the creation of an Institute for Human Development that it worked until 2012 .

At the end of 2018, AGAPE began a new education strategy by being the implementer of the global educational quality program of EduFinance – Opportunity International. 


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